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Seafood from Norway

Privacy policy

The Norwegian Seafood Council works with the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industries to develop markets for Norwegian seafood. Through our work the Seafood Council will increase the value of Norwegian seafood. We do this by working systematically on market insight, market development, market preparedness and reputation building in selected markets across the world. In addition, we work continuously on identifying opportunities for Norwegian seafood products in new and existing markets.

Through our solutions, we collect information about our users, be it is on web pages or through other electronic software. We are committed to ensuring our users' privacy protection.

This page describes our use of anonymous data, personal data and cookies, how we use these data and with whom we share them.

1. Personal data

Personal data refers to data and assessments that can be related to an identifiable individual. For example, this may be a name, place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address or IP address.

Processing of personal data is subject to the Norwegian Personal Data Act, and the Norwegian Seafood Council is the data controller for personal data processed in connection with use of our services and products, as well as personal data we collect and prepare for the purposes that appear below.

Some companies process data on behalf of us. These are called data processors. When we use a data processor, we have data processing agreements that govern how the data processor can process data that is made available. These agreements govern what personal data may be used for on behalf of the Norwegian Seafood Council.

2. What data do we collect?

We collect data you provide us and data related to how our services are used. In some cases, we also receive information from third parties.

2.1. Data you provide us

When you register as a user with us (submit personal data in a form or in an e-mail message), you provide some data we store at our location. This data is stored in our database in order to perform or ensure delivery of the service you have ordered, as well as to improve our services and to prevent fraud. We also store data when you contact us, for example by sending us an e-mail service or an e-mail message, so we can answer your questions.

2.2. Data collected through use of our services

When you use our services, we record data about which services you use and how you use them. We do this to improve the services and to match content to you. For example, we collect data about how you visit our websites and which other websites you use. If you are a user of Market Insight, we also store data about which reports you use.

The data we collect may be shared in the following types:

2.2.1. Data about your device and network
We record data that users' devices produce and data about the connection of their devices to our services. Examples of such data are device type, operating system, browser information, IP address, cookies and various identification files.

We match the displaying of our services to the device you use. When you access the site using a cellular phone, we provide you the services we have that can be displayed on this type of device.

2.2.2. Data about use of the services
When you visit a web page that the Norwegian Seafood Council owns, your activity is recorded automatically in our measurement tool. We use this information to improve our services and to provide you content and market communication that is adapted to your use pattern.

We collect history to see which of our pages is read the most and which searches for pages do not provide access to good content. Based on this history, we can present better and more adapted content to you.

2.2.3. Cookies, local storage
When you use the Norwegian Seafood Council's services, cookies and other data are stored locally on your device. These cookies are stored in the browser you use. These are text files that our systems read.

We store this data to simplify the use of our services and provide you more easily with relevant information when you visit our site. Cookies and other local storage are used to remember settings and adjustments you have made. Cookies are also used to measure the traffic on our websites. See a summary of cookies and other locally stored data here.

2.2.4. Information about your user account and customer relationship
We store information about your user account, your preferences and registration in our My recipes if you are a registered user. This is information we store to be able to administer the relationship between you and us.

3. What do we use the data for?

We work all the time to provide you the best possible service and a good experience in encounters with us. We will only use your data in order to:

3.1. Deliver agreed services to you

Personal data is used together with other data to deliver services we have agreed with you. We use this data to ensure the user experience through adapted displays based on previous visits and the type of equipment you visit us with.

3.2. Generate statistics

We prepare statistics and identify trends in order to develop and improve our websites.

3.3. Prepare personalized services

To provide you with customized content and adaptations to the service, we use data about how you use our services to adapt the displays for any later visits. We may also give you recommendations about other services or content based on this.

3.4. Measure and target the effect of advertisements

When we advertise, we want to give you what is most appropriate for you and measure how effective this is. We can also control how many times you will see an advertisement based on our information.

3.5. Limit access to our systems

We use information we have about our users to limit access to our systems and to check whether these have been misused. Fake profiles, spamming and attempts at logging in on others' accounts with us.

3.6. Share our content

On our web pages you will find functions for sharing the content with others. For this we use data on your device to make use of the sharing functions on Twitter and Facebook. In addition, we make use of a system for sharing content via e-mail.

4. Who do we share the data with?

The data we have about you may be shared with others where it is appropriate for the purposes described in this declaration. We will not sell or communicate personal data in any other way than described here, unless it is specially agreed with you.

In some cases, we may share non-personal data (user data) with collaborating advertisers in order to communicate targeted content. We will not share directly identifiable data (name, telephone number, etc.) without your explicit consent.

4.1. Public authorities

Since we are required by law to maintain a register of exporters of Norwegian seafood, we share these personal data with the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the Directorate of Norwegian Customs and Statistics Norway.

Other than this, we only share what is required of us. If a violation of the law is suspected in connection with use of our services, we may turn these over to a public authority.

5. How to see, correct or delete the data we have about you

We want the most up-to-date information about you

We will not store your personal data longer than necessary to fulfil the purpose of the processing and our legally imposed obligations.

If you find an error or think we have data about you that is wrong, you can have it changed or change it yourself as follows:

5.1. Registrations in the export register

If you find that our data is incorrect, most of it can be changed by logging in to “My Page” at – some of this data can only be changed by us, and if you find errors in it, we ask you to contact us at to get it changed.

5.2. Administration and deletion of cookies

We have created a page concerning our use of cookies. We describe there how you can administer these yourself.

6. Changes

We will update this privacy statement to reflect changes to our web pages or our policy. We will provide information about the services that are particularly affected.

This privacy statement was last updated:  March 2019

If you wish to contact us about this statement or about privacy information we may have, please contact us at