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Seafood from Norway

Cold-water prawns

With a pure taste of the Norwegian sea, developed by slow growth in our cold, clear waters, Norwegian cold-water prawns are an ideal ingredient in both hot and cold dishes.

Nutritional information

Cold-water prawns are rich in protein, vitamins A, D, E, and B12, calcium, and selenium.


Catch range

The cold-water prawn are caught along the Norwegian coast and in the fjords, as well as in the Barents Sea.


Norwegian cold-water prawns are in season all year round.


The wild Northern prawn can live as long as 10 years, thriving in the blue, ice-cold waters of the Norwegian fjords and coastal areas, as well as in the North Sea and in the Barents Sea. Some prawn trawlers even cook the prawns on board and sell them as freshly cooked prawns when they return to shore. A true Norwegian delicacy fresh off the boat.


Norwegian prawns are also nutritious. They contain a lot of protein and are low in calories. Thereby they function as a healthy, yet delicious, mouthful — a marvelous ingredient to flavor any seafood dish. Plus, they cook quickly so your dinner will be ready in no time! You can easily elevate soups, salads, and pasta meals by adding cold-water prawns to them. Why not try using prawns in your favorite recipe next time? 


How to buy

Look for the Seafood from Norway logo to buy Cold-water prawns, or ask the employers at the fish counter for Norwegian seafood.