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Seafood from Norway


Norwegian haddock is perfect for a healthy, easy dinner, and is the perfect fish to explore a whole world of flavors.

Nutritional information

Haddock is rich in protein, iodine, vitamin B12, potassium, and selenium.


Catch range

Along the Norwegian coast and out in the North Sea.



Norwegian haddock is in season all year round.


Haddock is mainly fished in many Norwegian coastal areas and further out in the North Sea. Fishing is done by line and net in the summer. Haddock fishing is regulated to ensure that a healthy and sustainable stock is maintained in the North Atlantic. With its snow-white belly, silver-grey sides, and violet back, the haddock is a beauty to behold. It is equally beautiful on the inside; the delicate fish meat makes the haddock stand out from other white saltwater fish. A haddock fillet is almost transparent, and when the fillet is cooked it turns shiny, white, and firm.


Haddock is widely used in many Norwegian fish mince dishes, like fish balls and fish pudding. Haddock meat is especially suited for this, as its fine structure has good binding qualities. By eating a couple of meals of white fish a week, like haddock, you’ll be able to satisfy the body’s need for iodine, in addition to many other important nutrients. Haddock is a good source of protein and also contains vitamin B12, pyridoxine, and selenium.


How to buy

Look for the Seafood from Norway logo to buy Haddock, or ask the employers at the fish counter for Norwegian seafood.