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Seafood from Norway


Norwegian saithe is flavorful and gives good value for money, ideal for an everyday meal. Norwegian saithe grows slowly in the strong currents of the cold, clear waters of Norway, and is caught in a sustainable way.

Nutritional information

Saithe is rich in protein, vitamins D and B12, selenium, and iodine.

Catch range

Northeast Arctic saithe - Along the Norwegian coast from Stad to the Kola Peninsula. Saithe in the North Sea - Skagerrak/North sea.


Norwegian saithe is in season all year round.

The Norwegian saithe is a species in the cod family. It has a silvery-gray strong and muscular body, is a good swimmer, and easily recognized by the weak underbite and the straight line along the body. You only find saithe in the North Atlantic and in Norwegian waters, and the population is divided into two - The Northeast Arctic saithe and North Sea saithe.

Being a powerful swimmer, the saithe is able to cover vast distances in search of food and spawning grounds. The most common fishing tools are trawls, seines, lines, nets, and lures. Every year, Norwegian and international research provides the basis for advice on sustainable fishing in the Northeast Atlantic.


This silvery fish with a darkly-colored back is quite versatile, and quite simply an excellent fish to cook with. The saithe is a perfect ingredient in traditional cuisine from the Norwegian coastal areas, especially different varieties of ball dishes - dumplings mainly made from grated potatoes, onion, and saithe.

Even though saithe fillets are a classic of the Norwegian dinner table, your palate will surely thank you for trying more dishes with saithe. Its pearl-gray meat is firmer than the cod’s, which makes the fish equally suited for cooking, pan-frying, or barbecuing, and you can use it in casseroles, soups, or oven dishes.

How to buy

Look for the Seafood from Norway logo to buy Saithe, or ask the employers at the fish counter for Norwegian seafood.