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Seafood from Norway

Perfect conditions - for fish

You might not expect to see a lot of life in the barren Arctic landscapes of Northern Norway, let alone human settlements. But here we are. Why?

You might not expect it

You’d be forgiven for underestimating just how far north Norway actually reaches. After all, Oslo and Southern Norway aren’t that far away from the European continent. But travel way up north, and you’ll be closer to the North Pole than to Paris. It’s way more remote, and more extreme than most people realize. It gets extremely cold. The sun disappears for months every year. The landscape is inhospitable and wild. You might not expect to see a lot of life up here, let alone human settlements. Yet here we are.

Norway offers perfect conditions for seafood

You might have a better idea of the location—and the vast distances—if you look up Norway on an old-fashioned globe. You will see that, from the Norwegian coast, there is no land in sight for hundreds or thousands of miles to the north and west. The Norwegian coastline itself, which includes countless islands, skerries, fjords and bays, is the second longest in the world.

A unique variety of quality seafood

The Gulf Stream, carrying warm water from the Gulf of Mexico all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, flows north along the Norwegian coast into the crisp, clean, ice-cold water of the Arctic. This creates the perfect conditions for an incredibly rich marine ecosystem. Small fish, big fish, shellfish and other life forms. Some of them are local populations, others are migrating or passing through from across the globe. Some prefer the cold, open seas, others live in the still, deep fjords protected by a wall of islands and skerries. Some hunt, others are hunted - from below and from above. They each play their part in the complex and fascinating marine life cycle.

The variety of seafood from this environment is nothing less than unique. This is one major reason why Norway is the largest exporter of seafood in the world. And there’s also a reason why chefs and connoisseurs all over the globe choose seafood from Norway: you’d be hard-pressed to find the same selection and quality anywhere else.