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Norwegian cod with barley rice salad, beets and orange

Norwegian cod with barley rice, beets and orange sauce is an exciting dish with a lot of flavor, great for everyday life and special occasions.

Cooking time30-40 min
Difficulty levelMedium



  • Cut the cod into portion sizes. Fry in a pan with olive oil for approx. 3-4 minutes on each side until it flakes.
  • Zest the orange. Season with salt, pepper and orange zest

Barley rice salad with beets

  • Boil the barley rice in apple cider for 15 minutes.
  • Slice the beets thinly on a mandolin and put the slices in cold water.
  • Cut the orange in slices and the apples in wedges.
  • Spread evenly on a platter with the arugula salad
  • Mix the rice together with the beets and the salad just before serving to keep the salad fresh. Top of with pistachio.

Orange sauce

  • Sauté finely chopped garlic in olive oil.
  • Pour in the orange juice, and add the cayenne, salt and pepper.
  • Warm it gently, the sauce must not boil.


  • Serve the barley rice salad on a big plate with the cod on top. Add some thyme and serve with the sauce.