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Seafood from Norway


Norway wouldn’t be the country it is today were it not for a single fish - it all started with cod. Norwegian cod with its natural taste is a versatile, healthy and trustworthy choice for the whole family. It is harvested in a sustainable way in the cold, clear Norwegian waters.

Nutritional information

Cod is perhaps the healthiest and leanest protein you can eat. It is rich in protein, vitamins A, D, and B12, selenium, antioxidants, and omega-3s. A portion of cod for dinner covers your daily requirement of omega-3s.


Catch range

Coastal cod - fjords and coastal areas. Norwegian-Arctic cod - feeding area in the Barents Sea, spawning area from Finnmark to Stad with the most important spawning grounds off Lofoten Islands. Farmed cod - matures in sea pens along the Norwegian coast.



Norwegian cod is in season all year round. 


Norwegian Atlantic cod is a white fish in the cod-family. This cod thrives in colder waters compared to the other cod-species, like the pacific cod. The world's largest cod stock lives in the waters outside the Norwegian coast in the Atlantic Ocean. This has made Norway and Norwegians skilled in fishing, as well as managing the ocean and having a strict and well-managed system to maintain and care for our cod stocks.  

Within the Atlantic cod, there are different types of wild cod in our Norwegian waters. The Coastal cod is more stationary and spends its entire life in shallow waters along the coast. The Northeast Arctic cod, also called skrei, lives far north in the Barents Sea and swims long distances down to the Norwegian coast to spawn every winter. This makes the skrei big, lean, and muscular. In Norway there are also producers of farmed cod along the coast of Norway. 

The Norwegian Atlantic cod has meant the existence for people along the coast of Norway for thousands of years – not just as food, but also as trading goods. Eleven thousand years ago, the first settlers arrived on the Norwegian coast. They were searching for good fishing, and one can safely say that they found what they were looking for. One species, the cod, was particularly abundant, and has been the most important resource for Norwegian fisheries ever since. 

Cod is a popular fish on the dinner table. Its meat has a mild taste, white color, and can be combined with many different spices and side dishes. Cod is very versatile and can be grilled, roasted, cooked, or eaten raw in sushi. In addition, cod contains a number of important nutrients. Along with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins, cod is rich in iodine.