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Stories from Norway

Discover Steelhead Trout from Norway

Steelhead Trout from Norway is a richly flavored, melt-in-your-mouth fish with the color of a bold sunset.

Discover Steelhead Trout from Norway

Thriving in the Norwegian fjords

Steelhead trout is the river trout’s upscale relative from the clear, crisp fjords of Norway, and it’s destined to be your new favorite indulgence. Steelhead trout from Norway has a velvety indulgent flavor that elevates every plate it touches. Thriving between the steep cliffs of clear Norwegian fjords, steelhead trout might to be your new favorite fish. Try it grilled, baked, and more with these delicious recipes.

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When it comes to seafood, Origin Matters

Why Norway is the Global Choice in Seafood

Norway is a world leader in sustainably raised fish. Combining 1,000 years of tradition with innovation and the world’s leading standards of sustainability, Norwegians use non-GMO feed to raise steelhead trout in deep fjords that offer a continuous supply of fresh water from snowcapped mountains and provide the perfect location for fish farming. These are the perfect conditions for cultivating fish that’s unmatched in flavor, color and texture.