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Stories from Norway

Discover Salmon from Norway

Salmon from Norway is a versatile premium quality fish with a delicate flavor and texture that is perfect for any occasion.

Discover Salmon from Norway

Perfect in any dish.

There are thousands of ways to prepare salmon! Enjoyed raw, baked, grilled, smoked, marinated, in a salad or with pasta, Salmon from Norway is easy to cook and pairs perfectly with tastes and flavors from around the world. Whether you’re cooking for one, the whole family, having a barbeque, or hosting a special meal, these salmon from Norway recipes are quick, easy and delicious! Because when it comes to seafood, Origin Matters.

A Perfect Choice For Grilling

Salmon from Norway is excellent for grilling. This perfectly balanced fish is at it’s best over a fire, making perfectly juicy dishes perfect for warmer days. Try these grilled salmon recipes at your next cook out.

Weeknight Meals Made Easy

Roasting salmon in an oven is a simple way to highlight the pure and fresh taste of salmon from Norway with endless flavor combinations. Try these sheet pan recipes that the whole family will love!

Crowd Pleasing Favorites

Using salmon from Norway in classic dishes adds a mix of exceptional flavor and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and key nutrients. Try these familiar dishes with the boost of salmon from Norway.

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Find Seafood From Norway at a Store Near You

Seafood from Norway can be found at many retailers in the Northeast U.S. Visit the seafood department of these retailers to buy today!

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Why Norway is the Global Choice in Seafood

Norway is a world leader in sustainably raised fish. Combining 1,000 years of tradition with innovation and the world’s leading standards of sustainability, Norwegians use non-GMO feed to raise salmon in deep fjords that offer a continuous supply of fresh water from snowcapped mountains and provide the perfect location for fish farming. These are the perfect conditions for cultivating fish that’s unmatched in flavor, color and texture. Because when it comes to seafood, Origin Matters.

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